Words by chairman

It is with great pleasure to  welcome you to the Reneforg Website. I am very glad that you are considering being part of the us.


I hope that you will really find our site very useful. We offer a full range of life equiping services such as mentorship, school and campus visits, motivational talks and coaching, academic and leadership camps. We design our programmes  and projects to enable our mentees to meet the requirements of highly recognised qualifications at world renowned universities and continue to excel despite all the various academic and social challenges that students face across their tertiary studies experience. Most of our mentees have enjoyed the opportunities to visit corporate companies and get bursaries at their early days of matric.


Our main aim is to help you realise what you already have and how you can use what you have to create a better life for yourself and those around you. Our trained and very dedicated mentors are always open and ready to guide and walk you through the journey.


We would also like you to help us improve by leaving your comments and ideas. I hope that you will enjoy and find this website helpful in meeting all your expectations and needs.