The appalling statistics of the number of drop out students from schools and higher educational institutions has raised a concern in the heart of Rendani Nefale, the founder and chairman of Reneforg (Rendani Nefale life coaching Organisation). The primary concern that led to the founding of the organization was to take initiative in countering the contributing factors towards dropping out of schools, which is depriving young individuals the opportunity to partake in developing the country with resourceful, high quality skills that education has to offer.

 Finding out that one major influence and cause for this is that learners are not well informed of the degrees they choose to study and get to not enjoy their studies in their early years at tertiary institutions and therefore end up in failing which leads them to exclusions and dropping out. One further and serious reason is financial difficulties. Many learners do not have access to information sources and therefore not aware of the bursaries and scholarship opportunities available for them and thus potential learners do not apply.


We work with well groomed mentors who help young peers in seeing their full inner potential and how they can use such potential to maximise their skills talents and most importantly to grasp oppotunities. Reneforg also offers school motivational talks, awards to perpetual excellent performers, ophanage visits, tutoring and mentorship services.