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The 2016 Reneforg Mentor List is as follows. Please be advised that this team will start operation early 2016
  1. Magidi Lufuno
  2. Rendani Nefale
  3. Ndou Quincy
  4. Tshivhenga Orinea
  5. Sivhudzho Mulweli
  6. Mandiwana Phathutshedzo
  7. Singo Khathutshelo
  8. Badugela Mulisa
  9. Tshivhenga Zwivhuya
  10. Raedani Holy
  11. Muthivha Khodani
  12. Ramabulana Farisani
  13. Davhana Londo
  14. Nethengwe Tshililo
  15. Rambau Toney
  16. Nethavhani Fulufhedzani
  17. Mafukata Mulweli
  18. Ralidzhivha Talifhani
  19. Ramabulana Madikana
Associate mentors
  1. Mahlangu Archie
  2. Netshirembe Maemu
  3. Gugubana Terence
  4. Mbambala Muvhuya
  5. Tshipuke Livhuwani
  6. Ramaru Gundo
  7. Mutengwe Lufuno



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The time is drawing closer, and so is the Cape town tour and we are already making the count downs. Below is the PROVISIONAL list of the mentees that will be flighing to Cape town with the chairman and one mentor on the 30th of June.


1.Netshirembe Maemu

2.Nemafhohoni Lutendo

3. Mbambala Muvhuya

4. Makushu Ndivho

5. Gugubana Maanda Thabo Terence

6. Ramakwela Tshifhiwa

7. Mahlangu Archie

8.  Muthelo

9. Livhoyi


Kindly note that this is a provisional list and is subject to change should any need to do so arise. Kindly note that we are only taking a maximum of 10 mentees and therefore, there is still space for only 1 mentees


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At Reneforg we value exposure more than any other thing. We believe that self motivation grows better through experiences. Because of this, RENEFORG mentees will be undertaking a tour to Cape town during the month of September. Due to most of our executives and mentors being busy at that time, We can and will be only taking a maximum of 10 Mentees.

The chosen mentees will be visiting corporate campanies, universities and other places in cape town. This therefore means that they will have a chance to see and experience university life and most importantly meet different profesionals such as chartered accountants, engineers and Actuaries, meet and chat with students who are studying towards what they wish to study.

This has been considered the most appealing and motivating experience by our mentees who have had a chance to partake this tour before.

Please contact us for queries and more information.